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Recommended viewers

Our current recommendation is that you use the KokuaOS viewer, but if you build a lot, you may want to use the Singularity viewer that has the version 1 interface that is more flexible when building. 

The viewers listed are available in both Mac OS X, Linux and Windows versions. 

For the version 3 viewers, be sure to download and install the version that supports OpenSim

If you hardware can handle it, be sure to turn on the Advanced Lighting model, Ambient Occlusion and even shadows.

Improve how mesh is viewed in your viewer by adjusting a setting that must be set via the Advanced menu’s Debug Settings item.

Choosing this menu item will open a windown where the easiest way to select the setting you want to adjust is start typing its name in the text box.  Type in rendervolumeLODfactor and use a value of 4 or 5 for the best setting. Make sure to hit return/enter after typing the value to make it stick. Then close the window and meshes should no longer look distorted even over distances. 

To enable the Advanced Menu you can use the keyboard shortcut Control+Option+D on a Mac and Control+Alt+D on a PC. You will also find it in Preferences, but it is not consistent under which tab to enable it from viewer to viewer. Most likely under the Advanced tab. 

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