System Status

Updates deployed to region servers

The following updates have been deployed to all region servers:

• The OSSL function osGetPSTWallclock() has been added. 

• mantis 8506 parse highlod mesh and compare its number of prim faces to the number of faces provided and warn mismatch

• mantis 8505 remove the meshes numbre of sides warning. build prims with the number of sides of the high LOD submesh

• mantis 8527 and 8517 combined fixes a number of issues with PRIM_TEXTURE 

• LSL Constants have been updated

System and database updates deployed

All grid servers got a dose of security updates today. 

The security updates include mitigating code for the "Microarchitectural Data Sampling" (MDS) vulnerability in Intel processors. 

In addition PostgreSQL was updated to version 9.6.13

Updates deployed

An update to Mantis 0008496: llPushObject has no effect on avatars (BulletSim) has been deployed to all grid servers. 

An update to Mantis 0008442: [SCRIPT] Small bug with osSetDynamicTextureDataBlendFace under Linux has been deployed to all grid servers.

Update for vehicles

A change has been deployed to all grid servers that will make all vehicle scripts significantly more likely to work as intended.

System and OSSL updates

An update has been deployed that fixes a problem where copy and paste of a folder would result in an empty pasted folder when using some versions of Firestorm and Dayturn viewers. 

In addition multiple updates to OSSL functions have been deployed. 

New functions are:

• osStringSubString

• osStringStartsWith

• osStringEndsWith

• osStringIndexOf

• osStringLastIndexOf

• osStringRemove

• osStringReplace

• osApproxEquals

These OSSL functions are still pre-release, so behavior may not be predictable or finalized. The user documentation on the OSSL Function page is also not completed yet.

The OSSL function osList2Double has been removed and is no longer supported. 

An update has been deployed that fixes an issue where some primitive faces could not receive texture updates via LSL.

An update has been deployed that fixes an issue where llwhisper, llSay and llShout emit from the source prim and not root. (Mantis 8410)

An update has been deployed that allows the number of prims on a parcel to be drawn from the total prims allowed on all parcels owned by the parcel owner for that region. (Mantis 8035)

Security updates deployed

All grid servers got a healthy dose of security updates overnight. The grid was down for about 30 minutes while they were installed. 

In addition an update to llSetPrimtiveParams was deployed with support for materials. In connection with that update, some primitives are updated to have the correct number of sides for applying materials to them. 

Updates mid-October

A missing texture used by all viewers for non-transparent water has been added. 

A long standing issue in which only the first script in an object would hear and respond to llRegionSayTo messages have been fixed.

Search is again working properly where changes made to a parcel descriptions and other parcel settings are propagated to the search database.

One of the grid servers had a memory upgrade dobling it. 

Some issues on how the grid servers communicate with viewers on groups have been corrected. 

LSL constants updated

The LSL constants definitions for the scripting engine have been updated with changed and missing items. 

A fix for a potential crash in the bulletsim physics engine has been deployed, in addition to the possibility of showing server release notes when agents teleport between simulators running different versions. The agent will be shown a notification in the viewer in this event.

llName2Key now works

The LSL function llName2Key was one of the LSL functions that never was implemented on OpenSim.  It returns a key the Agent ID for the named agent in the region. If there is no agent with the specified name currently signed onto the region, this function returns the value NULL_KEY.

Names are always provided in the form "First[ Last]" or "first[.last]" (first name with an optional last name.) If the last name is omitted a last name of "Resident" is assumed. 

OpenSim grids usually don’t implement the Resident last name but requires proper First and Last names, so returning Resident should be an edge case. 

OpenSim also has more complex Agent ID as hypergrid visitors to a grid will have the hypergrid addess appended to the name in addition to have a dot between First and Last. Therefore names of the form First.Last or will work. Viewers like Firestorm will also add an additional @in front of the First name and variations thereof should also work in most cases. 

Mono update

All servers are now on mono which has better performance and memory handling compared to previous versions.  

In additions performance and stability improvements have been deployed to all region servers.  

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