System Status

Grid servers updated

All grid and database servers have been updated to run macOS 10.12.6 containing a number of security and bug fixes. The grid was down for about 4 hours as a hardware issue on the database server had to be fixed before resuming operation.

Grid servers updated

All grid servers have been updated to macOS 10.12.5 which had a number of security issues plugged. 

In addition updated version of OpenSim dev 0.9.1 has been been deployed with improved database communication that gives sim loading and terrain fetches a healthy performance boost. 

Land parcels now will show the traffic on the parcel (which is calculated from the number of avatars visiting and the time spent on the parcel.)

Database server upgraded

The PostgreSQL database server has been upgraded to version 9.6.3. There are a number of performance improvements, security and bug fixes in this version. For details check the Release Announcement.

Access to individual regions restored for Hypergrid travelers

It is again possible for Hypergrid travelers to visit individual regions on XMIR.

Database server updated

The database server has been upgraded to macOS 10.12.4 from 10.11.6. In addition macOS Server has been upgraded to 5.3. The combined update has a number of security and performance enhancements (including plugging issues exploited by various intelligence agencies as exposed by Wikileaks.) 

MySQL and PostgreSQL database versions are at the latest revisions per this posting. 

All other grid servers are at the same versions as above. 

Grid on OpenSim 0.9 release candidate

The grid is now running the OpenSim 0.9 release candidate server version with a few additions that probably will find their way into the release version of 0.9. For now it runs with the Bullet physics engine, but tests with the ubODE engine has been promising, so we may see a switch later. There are some compatibility issues with scripts on ubODE that needs to be explored further. 

Updates deployed to grid servers

The grid servers have been updated to macOS 10.12.2 with a number of stability, performance and security fixes. In addition a number of fixes and improvements from the OpenSim 0.9.1 dev branch have been deployed. New functionality makes it possible to assign profiles to active NPCs that can be browsed in the viewer like an ordinary avatar profile.

PostgreSQL 9.6.1 and speedier connection

The main grid database have had another round of updates, this time moving PostgreSQL to version 9.6.1 which brings a number of bug fixes and updates.

The grid is again connected to a speedier connection. The initial line speed is 50/50 Mbit/sec, but the provider can go to bi-directional 1 Gb if needed. 

Formally the grid is still closed, but it is again possible to HG teleport to single regions.

Database upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.6

The grid database has successfully been upgraded from PostgreSQL version 9.4 to 9.6. This is a major upgrade with functionality for parallel queries, better replication technology for both scalability and failover, better text search with support for searching phrases in addition to “hybrid searches” combining relational, JSON, and full text searching

This comes in addition to improvements in version 9.5 with support of features such as UPSERT, row level security and support for much bigger data sets better indexing and faster sorts. 

UPSERT means the OpenSim code supporting PostgreSQL can be simplified. 

Grid is closed

XMIR grid is currently closed.

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