System Status

Grid servers updated

All servers have been updated with the lastest macOS system or security updates, including a fix for CVE-2018-8897

Grid access restored

Full grid access has been restored both for Hypergrid travelers and direct logins. 

Updates to sound functions

Updates to sound functions that will improve comptibility with behavior compared to in SecondLife  have been deployed to the grid. In additon a number of OSSL sound functions have been deployed. These are:

• osAdjustSoundVolume

• osSetSoundRadius

• osPlaySound

• osLoopSound

• osLoopSoundMaster

• osLoopSoundSlave

• osTriggerSound

• osTriggerSoundLimited

• osStopSound

• osPreloadSound

These OSSL functions are still pre-release, so behavior may not be predictable or finalized. The user documentation on the OSSL Function page is also not completed yet.

Mono update

All region servers are now on mono version

Internet connection speed increased

The grid is now running on a fiber broadband connection with a line speed of 200/200 Mb/s. The previous speed was 50/50. 

Database server upgrade

The database server hardware has been updated to a more modern machine with significantly faster I/O channels. We see much improved performance on lenghty operations such as writing daily OAR backup files of all regions. 

Database and mono updates

All region servers are now running on mono This is a rather siginficant update over the previous 4. 8. 1.0 version that was deployed. 

In addtion the database server has been updated to PostgreSQL version 9.6.7

Additional Meltdown and Spectre updates

Additional updates to mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre issues caused by flawed design of the branch prediction unit of Intel processors (the last 20 years) have been deployed to all grid and database servers. 

Meltdown and Spectre updates

Code to mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre security issues in Intel processors have been applied to all grid servers.  

Additional fixes will be applied as they become available, but the issue will not be removed till Intel have made new processors without the problem. ETA for such processors are at least 18 months before they are available to hardware makers. 

Security updates applied to grid servers

All grid servers have been upgraded with the latest security updates from Apple. 

The grid was down for about 2 hours during the update due to one server being particularly pesky. 

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