System Status

Grid on OpenSim 0.8.2 dev

The grid is currently running on OpenSim 0.8.2 dev in order to benefit from a number of bug fixes and improvements to scripting functions, display name handling, inventory loading, attachment handling both scripted and unscripted, in addition to an important security patch.

The downside is that the OMC module is not running correctly, and OMC transactions are therefore not working. The issue has been reported to VirWOX support. Purchase transactions of free (0 OMC) items are still working. 

Linespeed increased and downtime

The grid was off the internet for about 9 hours overnight when an IP address change with the ISP went bad. On the other hand the line speed has been upgraded to 50/50 MB/sec, so load times for the regions should be even faster for visitors. 

Postgres updated

PostgreSQL has been updated to version 9.4.2 for all the grid services. The grid was down for about 30 minutes while it was upgraded and a hardware patch was applied to all servers. The 9.4.2 Release Notes

Helpdesk updated

The helpdesk has been updated with a new software version that will make it easier to automate tasks and link tasks for better grouping or problem resolution of complex issues.  There are no updates to the customer facing interface. 

Update for improved inventory handling

The Grid services (ROBUST) have been updated with a significant improvement to the way inventory fetches are handled with speed improvements of 70% or better. While this update has not been deployed to the region servers, even these see better performance and reliability when handling inventory items for logged-in and visiting avatars. The code for this update was posted to the OpenSim 0.8.2 development branch over the weekend. 

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