System Status

Grid only accessible for direct login

The grid is currently only accessible for direct login and then on a very slow internet connection, so your milage may vary. 

At the end of week 41 the situation should improve, and if satisfactory line-speed can be restored, the grid will re-open for hypergrid visitors. It is possible for direct logins to hypergrid teleport out of XMIR, but you have to re-log to get back to the grid. 

OS X Server upgraded

UPDATE:  OS X Server has been upgraded to 5.0.4 for all servers.

OS X Server has been upgraded from version 4.1.5 to 5.0.3 for all servers with security fixes for apache, BIND, PostgreSQL and the WIKI server. 

Bug fixes and mono updated

Bug fixes that affect cache performance and statistics collection have been deployed to all servers. Mono has been updated to

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