System Status

Update for vehicles

A change has been deployed to all grid servers that will make all vehicle scripts significantly more likely to work as intended.

System and OSSL updates

An update has been deployed that fixes a problem where copy and paste of a folder would result in an empty pasted folder when using some versions of Firestorm and Dayturn viewers. 

In addition multiple updates to OSSL functions have been deployed. 

New functions are:

• osStringSubString

• osStringStartsWith

• osStringEndsWith

• osStringIndexOf

• osStringLastIndexOf

• osStringRemove

• osStringReplace

• osApproxEquals

These OSSL functions are still pre-release, so behavior may not be predictable or finalized. The user documentation on the OSSL Function page is also not completed yet.

The OSSL function osList2Double has been removed and is no longer supported. 

An update has been deployed that fixes an issue where some primitive faces could not receive texture updates via LSL.

An update has been deployed that fixes an issue where llwhisper, llSay and llShout emit from the source prim and not root. (Mantis 8410)

An update has been deployed that allows the number of prims on a parcel to be drawn from the total prims allowed on all parcels owned by the parcel owner for that region. (Mantis 8035)

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