System Status

OMC 0 purchases fixed, mono and statistics updated

VirWOX issued a fix for the problem of purchasing 0 (zero) priced items which has been deployed to the grid, so that is working again. 

Mono has been updated to version

Code changes have been deployed to the statistics modules so resource usage in a region is displayed more accurately in the viewer Statistics panel (Shift + Control + 1 to display). In addition the network statistics is more accurate for managing the sims. 

A number of other small fixes has been deployed to the servers. 

All servers updated to plug DYLD vulnerability

All servers have been upgraded to run OS X 10.10.5 and OS X Server 4.1.5. The upgrade plugs the DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE privilege escalation exploit. The upgrade also included a number of security patches detailed here.

Avatars will now collide with each other

Some changes to the physics engine have been deployed on the grid and at the same time avatar collisions has been turned on. This means more realistic behavior when avatars bump into each other.

Group login status

After a software patch developed by Cinder was installed the Group member list will now show the login status as online or the date the avatar was last logged in. 

OMC 0 purchases not working

Purchasing OMC 0 items is not working at the moment. The issue has been reported to VirWOX.

Downtime because of system update

The grid was down 15 minutes today to install code that will prevent items received from other grids entering the asset database in a corrupt state. This eliminates the need for scanning for corruption. 

In addition minor updates was installed to physics and the OSSL osKey2Name function which now should work also with Hypergrid connected users present on the grid. 

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