System Status

Security updates deployed

All grid servers got a healthy dose of security updates overnight. The grid was down for about 30 minutes while they were installed. 

In addition an update to llSetPrimtiveParams was deployed with support for materials. In connection with that update, some primitives are updated to have the correct number of sides for applying materials to them. 

Updates mid-October

A missing texture used by all viewers for non-transparent water has been added. 

A long standing issue in which only the first script in an object would hear and respond to llRegionSayTo messages have been fixed.

Search is again working properly where changes made to a parcel descriptions and other parcel settings are propagated to the search database.

One of the grid servers had a memory upgrade dobling it. 

Some issues on how the grid servers communicate with viewers on groups have been corrected. 

LSL constants updated

The LSL constants definitions for the scripting engine have been updated with changed and missing items. 

A fix for a potential crash in the bulletsim physics engine has been deployed, in addition to the possibility of showing server release notes when agents teleport between simulators running different versions. The agent will be shown a notification in the viewer in this event.

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