System Status

OpenSim updated with sim crossing improvements

The grid has been updated with JustinCC’s latest patches to improve sim crossing both when walking and flying.

Preparations has also been made to enable the OMC curreny.

Opensim updated with hypergrid transfer improvements

Updated with a large number of patches and fixes that were mainly developed in support of the OSC 2014 with many improvements to Hypergrid transfers and system performance included.  Hopefully this will minimize aborted hypergrid transfers that could be aborted because avatar attachments were not loaded properly. It should also allow for higher avatar concurrency on the server. 

OpenSim updated

The grid has been updated to run the latest dev master with a number of bug fixes, of which one fix for user profile handling. 

Update: One more fix deployed for handling email addresses and forwarding of IMs to email when the avatar is offline.

Sim server updated to Yosemite

The server that runs the simulators has been upgraded to OS X 10.10.1 and OS X Server 4.0.

Database server is expected to be upgraded on Wednesday, Nov 26.

opensim updated

The grid servers were updated with a fix for a long standing critical bug in opensim server in addition to other improvements from the development branch. Also today opensim Release was available. 

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