System Status

Improvements to OMC and Group invites

Thanks to improvements in the code handling OMC payments provided by Virtuose Lilienthal of Virtec objects taking payments such as rental boxes and scripted vendors are now working as expected. 

In addition it is possible to invite hypergrid accounts to join groups on the grid. This can be done via a script or direct invitation in the group people picker. 

Group search now working

After a lot of debugging it is now possible to search from groups in the viewers from the Search Groups tab or with the Groups selector. It turned out to be a bug in npgsql that is supplied with mono that was the root cause.

Placing, updating and deleting classifieds now works

Fixing a small (but blocking) bug in the PostgreSQL database adapter resolved the issue of deleting classifieds from the viewer. The fix is active on the grid.

More inventory updates

More bug fixes to inventory handling has been deployed to the grid. In addition an improvement to how map tiles are generated has been deployed and PostgreSQL is updated to version 9.4.4.

OMC again available

After the developer update the OMC module to support OpenSim 0.8.1 or higher the grid again has OMC currency available for in-world purchases.

While the module was updated, other improvements were also applied that fixes issues with view distance, inventory folders and the llCastRay function. 

PostgresSQL was also updated to 9.4.3. Look for an upcoming upgrade to 9.4.4.

Inventory fetching code updated

The servers have been updated with new code that will improve performance in how simulators fetch inventory from the asset server. In addition a configuration change in threading for the grid services has improved responsiveness for these.

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