System Status

Region Server updated to OS X 10.10.2

The region server has been updated to OS X 10.10.2 which fixed a number of security and connectivity issues, in addition to better performance. In combination with mono 3.12 this should yield more responsive and secure regions for visitors and residents.

Grid now on bulletsim physics

xmir is now running the bulletsim physics engine after the developer succeeded to build a new version that runs on OS X without leaking memory. For more info see Tech Talk

Simulator hardware upgraded

The server running the region simulators has been replaced with a system that allows for more concurrent threading on the processor. 

Texture loading speed-up with http

The system has now been configured to deliver textures to viewers that supports it directly via the http protocol bypassing the region simulators. This will in most situations deliver textures both faster, more consistent and reliable to the viewer so that a scene renders faster when an avatar arrives at a new location. 

For those interested in the technical details, the configuration and description of how this works can be found in the Direct Service Requests section of the OpenSim wiki.

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