Covenant for land on xmir

We have set a Covenant for all land in the xmir estate of the xmir grid. 

For owning land on XMIR grid, the following few rules are accepted before taking over the land:

1. Land owners can as a rule only hold one parcel per region (sim). Adjecent parcels can be joined to one.

2. You have to be accepted as a Resident member of the XMIR Residents group to be a land owner

3. Building heights are restricted to max 2 stories as per the builder's measure found at the XMIR Mesh store in the andwest Bay region. Special zoning requirements may apply in some regions

4. All builds shall be performed with either traditional prims or mesh items. As a general rule sculpted items are not accepted as building elements, and only to a limited extent as landscaping elements.

5. The settler accepts that the landscape textures will change throughout the year, and will as a general rule follow the seasonality of a Northern Hemisphere area. The settler is expected to change their foliage to match this seasonality.

6. The XMIR grid is divided into thematic zones, and settlers are expected to adhere to the building traditions and style applicable to the zone. Too much departure from the theme may result in returned items. If in doubt, ask the grid owner before starting the build.

7. Limit glow to an absolute minimum, and under no circumstances are building surfaces to have applied glow to them. Also foliage shall not have glow and full bright applied to them.

8. Settlers are expected to set the Advanced Lighting model active in their viewers while testing and applying light elements to their parcels. The resource pack has two Day checker enabled light scripts that can be used to turn on and off lights per the region Daychecker (sunset and dawn). All regions with settlements have a Daychecker beacon. 

Revision history:

Feb 26, 2015. First version published.

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