System Status

More goodies deployed

The terrain module has been updated with code that stores the terrain as compressed data for faster retrieval and more efficient space use in the database. The max terrain elevation can now be 655.34 meters – which is compatible with the SecondLife limitation. 

The http handler for scripts have been updated with a limit to the length of a http request from a script. The default is set to 16384 byte, but it can be changed at the simulator level if needed. The limit is set both as a prevention for exploits via the scripting mechanism, but also to limit the ability for scripts to do web page scraping.

World Map and Map Search updated

A number of issues related to showing VAR regions (regions larger than 255x255 m) correct on the World Map has been fixed. The viewer Map search function should also work better now. 

Improvements deployed

Updated software has been deployed to the grid which fixes for llDilaog, llTextBox, llRegionsay, in addition to IRC connection issues, better handling of Displaynames, and new functionality that will drop an attachment away from the avatar and not exactly where it stands. Included is also the server side support for viewers to restore an object to last in-world position. 

Bug fixes deployed

A fix has been deployed to eliminate a condition that could stop all scripts in a region from executing. In addition small changes to database table definitions have been deployed. 

Better availability

The grid domain is finally back on a fixed IP address which will make for better stability of reaching the grid as a hypergrid visitor. Address changes, despite DynDNS, could take an hour or more to propagate. Direct logins are still not possible. 

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