System Status

Updates deployed to region servers

The following updates have been deployed to all region servers:

• The OSSL function osGetPSTWallclock() has been added. 

• mantis 8506 parse highlod mesh and compare its number of prim faces to the number of faces provided and warn mismatch

• mantis 8505 remove the meshes numbre of sides warning. build prims with the number of sides of the high LOD submesh

• mantis 8527 and 8517 combined fixes a number of issues with PRIM_TEXTURE 

• LSL Constants have been updated

System and database updates deployed

All grid servers got a dose of security updates today. 

The security updates include mitigating code for the "Microarchitectural Data Sampling" (MDS) vulnerability in Intel processors. 

In addition PostgreSQL was updated to version 9.6.13

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