Kokua OpenSim viewer updated with GPU benchmarking

The OpenSim branch of the Kokua viewer has been incremented to version (wow!).

The biggest new feature is the adoption of the GPU benchmarking that Linden Lab introduced in the 3.7.20 version of the SecondLife viewer. This is a feature that does away with the GPU table, but rather runs a short test on your graphics performance before choosing the best settings. In many cases this will improve your framerate, but in other cases it will pick settings that does not necessarily wring out the best of your graphics card. Often you can increase the setting manually for a more pleasing result. 

Kokua is a viewer that is based on the SecondLife version 3 code base with the same user interface you will find in the current SecondLife viewer. It is less bloathed than the Firestorm viewer, while still have an extended feature set, and it is clearly our choice for a version 3 interface viewer. 

The latests builds of the Kokua viewer is known to have problems on some standalone opensim grids, so your milage may vary. It works fine on the xmir grid. 

Details and links to the download site can be found here.

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