Kokua viewer 3.8.2 released

After a good development and testing period the Kokua viewer 3.8.2 has been released and is available for download for both Mac, Linux and Windows users. 

This version has been build with updated libraries and development tools such as Xcode and Visual Studio 2013 which has made it possible to give it functionality very close to Linden Lab’s SecondLife viewer in addition to OpenSim functionality. It also means it has all the bug fixes that is in the SecondLife version. 

The 3.8.2 version so not very rich on new OpenSim features but has new functionality like Viewer Marketplace Listings and Experience Tools making it a full fledged SecondLife citizen. With the enhanced build tools of Kokua, this release should be an attractive viewer for SecondLife Merchants. 

The current release does not have the RLV additions, which will be added later. Porting the RLV code to the new libraries and development tools is a bit more challenging explains Nicky Perian, the main developer of the Kokua viewer. 

XMIR has contributed to the viewer by doing the builds of the Mac version. 

The full Release Notes has the details of all the changes.

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